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Please note, due to different availability of ingredients in Europe, the appearance of your cookies may be slightly different, but they will always have the same quality taste! Additionally, only the classic cookies (apple, sugar, banana + peppermint) will be available for purchase in Europe. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.


Mattea grew up with horses in California. At a young age she started to vault and in 2016 she and her team placed sixth at the vaulting world championships. She also enjoyed jumping and competed with her jumper pony Lolly, who stayed in the states when Mattea and her family moved to Germany a few years ago. Over there, she discovered her love for dressage and is competing on her mare Bella now. She is excited to join the HHC team to spread the cookie love in Europe! Bella’s current favorite are the peppermint... but she has requested her very own flavor!

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