Hungry Horse Cookies was founded and run by two horse-loving girls, and was started to raise money for both girls’ horse endeavors. We hand make all our treats, and test them extensively on all different types of horses. A portion of the proceeds from cookies sold at NCEFT Tack Sales will go to NCEFT to support their therapy programs.

Hungry Horse Cookies

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Guinness' Cookies have been hand made and tested on lots of horses until they were the right ones to sell. Guinness' cookies are a mix of oats, flour and molasses and formed into bite sized muffins with a dried banana placed on top for the horses to enjoy! 


Each large jar comes with 15-20 cookies, and a small jar has 5-10!

Guinness' Banana Cookies

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  • Steel cut oats, molasses, flaxseed, flour, water, banana corn starch, coconut oil


    Note: some horses have a severe allergy to corn, this treat contains corn starch