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"I'm a true fan of Hungry Horse Cookies.  My horse loves their great taste and I love their wholesome ingredients.  I also appreciate the Hungry Horse team's fabulous customer service: it's been a real 'treat!' for me to support this super business."

- Avery Brown

"Hungry Horse Cookies gives us a great opportunity to be able to supply our barn with quality, healthy cookies that our horses love. They're always looking for more! With their option for a monthly bulk order it makes keeping our stock up simple so that there is never a day where they're without a tasty treat!" 

- Leslie Wright 

Willow Tree Farm

"Hungry Horse Cookies' treats are the best, and very great quality! The horses' health should always be a priority so knowing what they put in their treats helps me feel at ease when giving them to my horses. They are also so cute and smell wonderful with so many flavors: banana, sugar cube, and peppermint!!" 

- Lola Stern

HHC Ambassador

Hungry Horse Cookies was founded by two horse loving girls in order to raise money for their equine endeavors. HHC is dedicated to making horse treats that are healthy and horses enjoy; all treats are handmade with high quality ingredients and tested extensively on many different types of horses. 


Hungry Horse Cookies