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Why join our team?

Ambassadors are such an important part of the HHC team, and we so appreciate each and every one!

Ambassador Perks:

 🌟 Custom 10% off code

 🌟 A free bag of cookies every 5 times your code is used by anyone (yourself included!)

 🌟 One free bag of cookies to start you off when selected as an ambassador

🌟 Exclusive ambassador content including sneak peaks of all new releases and the ability to pre-order before products are available to the public

 When your code reaches 15 uses:

🌟 Your discount code will permanently upgrade to 20% off & you will receive a free large jar and a HHC hat!

🌟 Every 5 times your code is used you will get a free large jar


How to apply

 🌟 Submit a short (<2 minutes) application using this link

 🌟 Make sure you are following HHC on Instagram (@hungryhorsecookies)

 🌟 United States only, please :)

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