Hungry Horse Cookies was founded and run by two horse-loving girls, and was started to raise money for both girls’ horse endeavors. We hand make all our treats, and test them extensively on all different types of horses. A portion of the proceeds from cookies sold at NCEFT Tack Sales will go to NCEFT to support their therapy programs.

Hungry Horse Cookies

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Hungry Horse Cookies was started to raise money towards both girls' equestrian endeavors

Casey's horse, Chubbs, was diagnosed with a severe lameness in his front left heel. Many tests were done, and he saw many vets, while none could figure out the problem. Unfortunately, this injury ended his show career but thanks to Hungry Horse Cookies, Casey is lucky enough to keep him as well as her new show horse LJ!


Caroline's horse, Henry, recently transitioned from jumping to dressage due to an injury and is loving his new career! Hungry Horse Cookies has allowed Caroline to continue to grow with Henry as well as show her new lease, Grafiti!

Both girls love horses, and strive to make healthy treats for horses around the world to enjoy.